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I founded SwissTravelGuide in 2008 because I want to show our guests from abroad the diversity and the beauty of our destinations from my point of view. Switzerland is good to travel on its own initiative, but I pass on my experience, my favorite places and my information about Switzerland to our guests. It's hard for me to choose my favorite destination. But there are three of them, which I especially like to travel as a tour guide or as a private person:

Zermatt / Gornergrat - Matterhorn area
Zermatt is a small car-free village in southwestern Switzerland. Although Zermatt thrives exclusively on tourism, there are exciting places in the narrow streets about the history of the village or about what characterizes Zermatt: The Matterhorn. Probably the most fascinating mountain of all, as a matter of course that I can never climb the mountain like most visitors there. The story of the mountain with the triumphs or tragedies is what fascinates me. I can sit for hours on the terrace of the Gornergrat and admire the mountains, the glacier and the Matterhorn. For me one of the tours, which has a lot of history and fascination.

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch has more than one million visitors per year, but there are good reasons for that: The train ride from the valley to the mountain massif of the most famous three mountains (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau) fascinates me again and again. The pioneer spirit of the builder is truly palpable, even if the journey degenerates more and more into a commercial event. If you take the time to pay attention to the small details during the journey, you will feel what it means to drive through a more than 100-year tunnel in the alps to a lookout point. On the Jungfraujoch, as a person in a legendary mountain world, you are just a small point on this planet. I like the tour on the Jungfraujoch, the views of the north and south of Switzerland, the information about the construction and the opportunity to stand in eternal snow and ice. Sure, the guests would like to see the sun and the blue sky. I like it personally when the wind blows the clouds over the mountain peaks, the snowfall, the interplay of light and the feeling of being exposed to the weather forces. Even in bad weather Jungfraujoch is a great destination, as many attractions are inside the mountain and can then be explored.


Lucerne and the lake

The city of Lucerne, the Lake Lucerne region and the surrounding mountains offer a variety of combinations on day trips. I love to be on Lake Lucerne on board of the passenger boats, because the views (and the culinary offer) are simply incredible. It's one of the most relaxing time, when you travel on one of this boats The combination of boat, cog railway and gondola as a round trip of the Pilatus is one of my favorite tours in central Switzerland. If I could go on the same day to the Stanserhorn, I would do so: The more than 100-year-old funicular drives comfortably through the meadows above Stans. The fascinating old technology and the view that opens up over Lake Lucerne is always a great excitement for me. The subsequent drive with the convertible gondola as a complete technical opposite is unique! I like to stay at the summit and observe the surrounding landscape. Since the Stanserhorn is at "only" 2000m above sea level, the surrounding valleys, the lake and the villages are easy to spot. For me it is always exciting to enjoy the silence and to see "the world from above".


All tours we offer are my favorite destinations. Every single tour carries my signature somewhere, because it is the Swiss way of visiting the place. For example, I like traveling with my guests on the train. The initial skepticism of my guests regarding train journeys disappears on average after 10 minutes train ride. It is our typical way to travel in our small country, to enjoy the passing landscape and to arrive relaxed (and ond time) at the destination. Nowhere else do you see so much of our Swiss way of life, as when you take the train from A to B.

Every year we add new options of our tours or new destinations where I decide: I want to show this destination to our guests. Each tour also leaves enough room for change. So I like to travel personally to a defined timetable to my destination. The return trip, however, I will do it when I feel like it. I want to enjoy my view on a mountain as long as I want. The feeling of arriving, discovering and enjoying must not be interrupted by a timetable for me. This is exactly how we do it with our tours: the outward journey is planned in the majority, the return journey and the end is flexible.


This way of traveling with guests through my country is what SwissTravelGuide represents. On every single tour I discover something new again. The conditions are different every time. The number of my photos, which I always make myself during the tour, is slowly becoming immeasurable. There are so many memories of this moment being somewhere in mycountry. From a statistical point of view, I have around 400 photos of the Matterhorn from one year, about 600 pictures of the view from the Jungfraujoch and about twice as many photos of other mountains, ships, railways, buildings or guests.

Together with my team of tour guides, who have the same preferences for our country and travelling around: You are welcome to be our guests.


Naters, Switzerland, August 2018


by the way: if you are wondering, what I am doing in my free time? Right, I travel to Jungfraujoch, Zermatt, Pilatus, Stanserhorn, Lucerne, Zurich, Berne etc.   :-)

Mike von Aesch


founder and owner of SwissTravelGuide

(tour organizer and still tourguide from time to time)