Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid for the contractual relationship between the customer and SwissTravelGuide, hereby named as STG.


Registration / confirmation

With the registration of a journey a travel contract between the customer and STG is binding. The registration can be carried out in writing, orally, by telephone or online. It is made as well as for the other passengers reported by the customer.



At conclusion of the contract, the payment of the price must be provided by the customer. Not enter the payment of the balance and no payment is made even after prompt under deadline, STG is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand cancellation costs from the customer.



Prices are listed on the website per person, unless otherwise specified. Pricea are based on local tariff at the time of quoting, converted at the exchange rate by the booking provider. Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a booking has been confirmed. Inclusions are mentionded in the offer, fees not mentioned are subject of exlusion of the tour booked.



The information in the travel route, means of transport and accommodation are subject to changes due to operational reasons. Changes or deviations of  a tour , which occur after conclusion of the contract, are allowed as far as the change or deviation are not substantial and do not affect the idea of the booked journey. The modified performance takes the place of the original contract performance.


Cancellation by the customer, rebooking’s, substitutes, unused services

The customer may withdraw at any time prior to the rice from the travel contract. The entrance of the cancellation at STG is decisive. In case of cancellation of the travel contract, cancellation fees will apply:


No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced.


Cancellation by STG

In exceptional circumstances and in unforeeable or extraordinary circumstances, STG may cancel the trip without prior notice. STG can cancel a trip prior 12 hours of departure, when at an advertised or officially established minimum number of participants is not met. In both situations, full refund of the price is provided by STG.


Exceptional circumstances - force majeure

The journey is due unforeseen force majeure considerably impeded, endangered in the contract or degrades, so both STG or the customer may terminate the contract.



STG is liable within the organisation of the tour and to provide the service mentioned in the offer or in the contract forseen. STG is not liable for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence caused by the customer.

STG provides services (Hotel, flight, excursions etc.), the organizer of these services is liable and STG shall not be liable for the performance of services.

STG is not liable for disturbances in connection with third-party services that were only taught. When traveling with special risks, STG accepts no liability with regard to these risks.

The traveler is liable to fullfill mandatory regulations with the Passport, customs, currency and health regulations. All disadvantages resulting from the failure to comply with these rules are in  the responsibility of the customer, even if these rules should be changed after the booking.

Place of jurisdiction for actions brought by customers against STG is Naters/Switzerland.

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